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                       Bulgarians in Romania    


population-21 698 000                                                                     size-237 500 sq. km
capital-Bucharest - 2 060 000 inhabitants

Ethnicity: official census data from 2002.
Romanians-19 409 400 -(89.5%), Hungarians-1 434 377 - (6.6%), Gypsies-535 250 -(2.5%), Ukrainians-61 091 - (0.3%) Germans-60 080 - (0.3%) , Lipovans-36 397 - (0.2%), Turks-32 596 - (0.2%), Tatars-24 137, Serbs-22 518,  Slovaks-17 199, Bulgarians-8092,Croats-6786, Macedonians-731,Krashovani-207, Csango-2165


                                                                                 Timish County

Population 659 512
Ethnic composition-Romanians-565 639  83.43%, Hungarians-50 556 7.45%, Roma 16 054 2.37%,Germans-14 174 2.09%, Serbs 13 273 1.95%, Ukrainians-7321 1.08%, Bulgarians-5562 0.82%
Municipality of Timisoara -317 651
Ethnicity-Romanians-270 487, Hungarians-25 131, Germans-7142, Serbs-6271, Roma- 3114, Bulgarians-1314
city of Timisoara -317 660 inhabitants, Romanians-270 487, Hungarians-25 131, Roma-3114, Serbs-6271, Germans-7147, Bulgarians-1218
Arad Municipality -172,824
Ethnic composition
city of Arad -172 824 inhabitants,  Romanians-82,6%, Hungarians-12.9%, Germans- 1.3%, Serbs-0.3%, Bulgarians 0.15%
Commune Denta -3191
village of Breshtya-589 inhabitants -544 Banat Bulgarians, Romanians-28 Hungarians-16.It is founded in 1844.The village has the highest percentage of Bulgarians in Banat.
Village of Denta- residents -3191.Banat Bulgarians-370, Romanians, Serbs, Germans, Hungarians.It is founded in 1842. According to some data Bulgarians are about 20% of the population.
Deta  Municipality -6418
ethnic composition-Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Bulgarians-133 or129
city of Deta- inhabitants -5786. Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Gypsies, Banat Bulgarians-133
Dudeshti Veche commune- includes three villages
ethnic composition-Bulgarian-2987 51.44%, Romanians-2368 40.78%, Hungarians 330  5.68 %, Roma 61, Germans-44 and Serbs-16.
Village Dudeshti Veche (Old Beshanov) - Banat Bulgarians, Hungarians, Germans, Gypsies.It is founded in 1738.
Village Colony Bulgara (Telepa) Bulgarized-Hungarians and Gypsies, Banat Bulgarians-730, Germans.It is founded-1866.
Municipality of San Nicolau Mare -13 000
Ethnic composition
City of San Nicolau Mare -Romanians-13 000 76.9%, Hungarians-9.8%, Bulgarians-462 3.6%,Serbs- 3.5% , Germans, 3.1%
Municipality of Rekash -8599
Rekash town-4955 residents  Romanians-3670,Hungarians-805,Serbs-216,Germans,Gypsies,Karashoven Bulgarians(Shokatsi).
Bulgarian Catholic refugees settled in Rekash in 1369 .In 1927 in the village lived 722 Bulgarian Catholics, known as shokatsi.Today they are Croatizied.Probably they are part of karashovens.A lot of them live in Timisoara and Arad.
Commune Vinga -6388
Romanians-3396, Hungarians-1589, Roma- 462, Banat Bulgarians-512 8%, Slovaks-155
Village of Vinga-Banat Bulgarians-512, Romanians, Hungarians, Germans.It is founded in 1741 by Bulgarians Chiprochians and Pavlikyans.After that by them come Bulgarian Catholics from Alvints and Chergau.These Bulgarians are identified themselves and as palkene, palchene.Today Bulgarians in the village are a minority among the Romanians and Hungarians.
- According to official data, Banat Bulgarians are about 6500
-According to unofficial data Banat Bulgarians are about 10 000
                                                      Caras-Severin County
Population 339,219
Municipality Karashova -3260
Croats (karashovani) -2758 84.60%, Karashoveni-4.96%, Roma-146 4.47%, Romanians-4.41%
-village of Karashova- 2437 inhabitants,  Karashoveni Bulgarians who selfdeklared mainly as Croats.
Nermed village (Nermed) -596 inhabitants karashoveni Bulgarians who live in 150 houses.They had mostly karashovens identity and are considered closest to bulgarians.In the census were declared as Croats,Karashoveni or Serbs.
Yabalche village(Jabalcea) -227 inhabitants karashoveni.They speak  the Bulgarian torlaks dialect and Romanian.They settled  in the village in 1564 .They are declared mainly by Croats and to a lesser extent as karashoveni.
-Karashovens and Croats  in the municipality are Bulgarians Catholics
- about 90% of the population of the municipality are Bulgarians by origin
Municipality Lupak -3023
Croats (karashovani) -2823 93.38%, Romanians-161 5.32%, Germans, Roma
Klokotich village (Clocotici) -1036-1110 residents  Bulgarians karashoveni and romi.In the village has a very strong Croatian influance.Part of residents have karashovens identity.The local people know their kinship with the Bulgarians.
Rafnik village (Rafnic) -560 inhabitants karashoveni Bulgarians and Romanians and less romi.They have mostly karashovens identity, but in the census they are declared  for Croats.They considered as the closest to the Bulgarians.
village Vodnik (Vodnic) -463 inhabitants populated by Karashovens Bulgarians who had pro-Croats senses.
Lupak village (Lupac) -964 inhabitants karashoveni Bulgarians who are declared as Croatsi.It is founded in1598.
-Croats in the municipality are BulgariansCatholics

Other settlements in the region with the Bulgarian population.
Plavichevitsa village-Bulgarians- karashoveni
Doknyacha village-located to the villages Vodnik and Lupak.According to certain information ,today's Germans in the village are descendants of  karashoveni Bulgarians.
Village of Tirol-642 residents.It is located in commune of Dolchin.In the village lived karashoveni who are under process of germanizied and croatizied.According to the official figures in 1992 in the village lived  Romanians-642, Germans-116, Hungarians-59 and karashoveni-17. In 2002, Romanians were 435 Germans-116, karashoveni or Croat-59,Hungarians-17.Catholocs in the village are 269.
-Karashovens are Bulgarian-speaking ethnic group living in the Romanian Banat near river of Karashova around Reshitsa town.They counted about 5,000 to 10,000. In religion they are Catholics.They speak torlaks Bulgarian dialect. It is assumed that karashovenite settled in Banat in the 14th century from the region of Tikmok-Zaychar, Bor, Belovaz.In order to Catholic religion and istrong pro-croats policy, the majority of Bulgarians karashoveni declared themselves as Croats.There are such people,which considered  themselves as  a separate nation-karashovani or Serbs.
Slatina-Timis Commune -3159
Village Slatina-Timis (Slatina-Timis)-populated by people of Bulgarian origin, probably from the group of karashovens.The Slatins people speak Romanian, but they are considered mainly as Bulgarians, who are romanizied by language.Some already have and Romanian identity.The one part of Bulgarians are  Catholics and other are Orthodox .The Orthodox declared themselves as Romanians, although aware of his Bulgarian origin.They populated neighborhood Slatina Mika.The Catholics in the neighborhood of Slatina Mare  identify themselves as Catholics and Bulgarians.In the  village as a whole is preserved Bulgarians national sense.The local Bulgarians origined from the  region of Tikmok-village of Slatina- Negotino.They settled in to the new land in 1443. .The Orthodox Bulgarians are romanizied in the middle of 19th century.
                                Mehedinti County

Municipality Svinitsa -1132
Ethnic composition-Serbs (Bulgarians shkei) -988 87.27%, Romanians-119 Roma-20
Village of Svinitsa-1132 inhabitants, of whom 988 87.27% Serbs (Bulgarians shkei), Romanians-119 Roma-20.The village was founded in 1443,1444 or 1440.The local people speak ancient torlaks Bulgarian dialect typical of the region of RiverTimok in 15 century.The majority of the population is considered to be Serbs and their language is declared as serbian.Some people are declared as svinichans by ethnicity and considered that they are closest to Bulgarians. Romanians and others call them Bulgarians.Official the villagers are recorded as Serbs. The local are Orthodox. They came from the village Yabukovats-Timok.According to T. Balkanski, more likely is that they were residents of village Skochka in the same area.
Unofficial data on the number of Bulgarians in the region of Banat
Banat Bulgarians 6500-10000
Bulgari Karashoveni-5000-10000
Proto Bulgarians-Szekely, about 5000
Bulgarians Shkei-about 4150
Around 20,650 to 29,150 Bulgarians

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Map of Romania
Flag of Romania
Coat of Dudeshti Veche
The Church of Dudeshti Veche
The Church of Vinga
The Church of Telepa
Yabalche Village
     Romanians citizenz from Bulgarian origin
      Banat Bulgarians
     6500-10 000
     5000-10 000
      670 000
      250 000
   Dobrudja Bulgarians
   15 000-20 000
        15 000
  Bulgarians in Wallachia
      200 000
    1200 - 3 000
  Мacedonian Bulgarians
      731-10 000
1 150 000-1 190 000
Bulgarians in Romania-Ethnic Maps